Nature offers us a plethora of wonderful sights: from beautiful landscapes to cute scenes with animals as their protagonists, there is always something to see. None of these wonders are as ubiquitous as the night sky, however. We just have to look up and there it is, an astounding light show, every night. Stars aren’t just shiny dots, though, and that’s why some people love to learn more about them. The Galileo Galilei Planetarium (AKA just “the Planetarium”), located at the heart of Palermo, one of the nicest neighborhoods within the City of Buenos Aires, is the ideal place to do so. Not only that: it’s also one of the most striking buildings in the City, boasting a dome that is 20 meters in diameter. No doubt an obligate stop for every tourist and an iconic spot of our beautiful city.

Ayelén here clearly knew this, and that’s why she decided that her tour around Buenos Aires wouldn’t be complete if she didn’t visit the Planetarium. After a nice stroll through the Palermo Woods (a huge park with a beautiful lake right in the middle that makes it an ideal spot for taking artistic photos in which nature and civilization fuse together, and also conveniently located very close to the Planetarium), she went straight to it. And the best part? A photographer from Spotgrapher was with her every step of the way and helped her capture every moment with the vivid detail that defines our work.

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