Capital of the Argentine Republic, it is one of the most important cities in Latin America. In the historical sector of the city formed by the neighborhoods of San Telmo and Monserrat are the main historical monuments, as well as an intact colonial architectural heritage.


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My name is Nicholas. I am a travel, portrait and event photographer based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I like to be in contact with people and capture precious moments of their lives with my camera. I'm also an avid reader: everything that has to do with photography and travel should be in my library.

I love Buenos Aires! The capital offers amazing spots and, depending on the season, unique scenarios. Puerto Madero, the old city’s port, is one of my favorite choices. As well as S. Telmo, the oldest neighborhood of the city, and the gardens of Palermo, perfect backgrounds for romantic photographs.


I specialize in capturing images around cities to achieve unique moments. I cover different styles, be it photojournalism, landscape, portraits, social, fashion, among others. I am currently based in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Some of the best places to get nice photos and take a good memory of Buenos Aires, are the area of the Obelisco and Plaza de Mayo, Recoleta or neighborhoods like San Telmo and its markets, among others. I speak Spanish and basic English.

I think that each trip is unique so I wait for you to visit my city and make the best pictures of your visit so that you remember it forever.