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Satisfied customers

I recommend it 100%! I wanted different photos of the city, I felt very comfortable and I have some amazing photos! It was a great experience and above all a lot of fun.

Client Photo
Maria Laura Gutierrez

Honestly, I recommend Spotgrapher because it absolutely met my expectations. The photos in the Rosedal are incredible! The treatment with the photographer was very pleasant, she understood what I wanted reflected in the photos. Very professional. I honestly plan to request the service again sometime. It's great! I'm very grateful.

Client Photo
Sofia Frank

I would repeat the experience. We took photos with my boyfriend on these holidays and it was an experience that we both loved, the treatment was great and you felt comfortable to express yourself, the super atmosphere and the experience ends up being very satisfactory.

Client Photo
Anabella Ines Castellano

I really felt very comfortable. And the photographer, a genius, gave me some great recommendations to get to know the city and the photos are very professional.

Client Photo
Pablo Siragusa

Excellent! Every day we can take pictures in different locations, but having warm photos in a different city is wonderful. My photographs in France at the Louvre Museum, were taken by Javier and captured moments that I would never have imagined, even without editing the photographs were fantastic. It was not only the photo shoot, he was also supporting me with some organizational aspects for my trip.

Client Photo
Maciel Samantha Benítez D

Thank you so much for everything. I loved the experience with you

Client Photo
Victor Hugo

The shoot was great! Juanfra is a pro.

Client Photo

I am great! Tatiana did a wonderful job with my pictures! Thank you so much!

Client Photo
Thomas Talonda

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