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Can you imagine how boring life would be without colors? How dull and drab every experience would feel? It’s hard to fathom. After all, colors are not just colors; hope, passion and even life are represented by colors in many different cultures. An artist such as Laura here is used to working with colors. She plays with them and brings them to life, for a living. It’s a no brainer then, that while visiting Argentina she would definitely want to take a trip to the barrio of La Boca, one of the most colorful and iconic locations you can visit within the City of Buenos Aires. With its European flavor (due to its early settlers hailing from the Italian city of Genoa) mixed with pure Argentine history and culture, La Boca harbors such places as the renowned Caminito, the pedestrian street where tango artists perform and tango-related memorabilia is sold, many tango clubs, Italian taverns and, of course, La Bombonera football stadium, where the world-renowned team Boca Juniors plays their home matches.

All of these places are a must-see whether you’re traveling alone, with your beau or with friends. And what better way to capture the moment than by taking advantage of Spotgrapher’s professional services? We will make sure that every single picture is as filled with color and life as La Boca itself. Contact Spotgrapher and make your experience a colorful, vivid and unforgettable one!