They are in love. And of course, they want it to last forever. They dream of exploring as much of the world as they can and telling their children and grandchildren about their wonderful adventures. After all, what is love, if not that magical feeling of wanting to share each and every moment and experience with someone else? To create beautiful, everlasting memories that will endure and always bring a smile to our face, no matter where we are or what we have gone through. And speaking of memori...
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Nature offers us a plethora of wonderful sights: from beautiful landscapes to cute scenes with animals as their protagonists, there is always something to see. None of these wonders are as ubiquitous as the night sky, however. We just have to look up and there it is, an astounding light show, every night. Stars aren’t just shiny dots, though, and that’s why some people love to learn more about them. The Galileo Galilei Planetarium (AKA just “the Planetarium”), located at the heart of Pal...
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Can you imagine how boring life would be without colors? How dull and drab every experience would feel? It’s hard to fathom. After all, colors are not just colors; hope, passion and even life are represented by colors in many different cultures. An artist such as Laura here is used to working with colors. She plays with them and brings them to life, for a living. It’s a no brainer then, that while visiting Argentina she would definitely want to take a trip to the barrio of La Boca, one of th...
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