They are in love. And of course, they want it to last forever. They dream of exploring as much of the world as they can and telling their children and grandchildren about their wonderful adventures. After all, what is love, if not that magical feeling of wanting to share each and every moment and experience with someone else? To create beautiful, everlasting memories that will endure and always bring a smile to our face, no matter where we are or what we have gone through. And speaking of memories… what is life, if not the memories we create? Alas, sometimes our ability to remember plays tricks on us; and that’s where we come in. Anyone can offer to take a picture for you, but that is not what Spotgrapher is about. We want to regale you with memories, so that you can always look back at some of the loveliest moments you have shared with your loved ones and vividly experience them all over again. Through our art, we want to capture the soul and energy which makes every occasion a unique treasure. It’s not just about photography for us; it’s about the stories which shape life itself

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