Nature offers us many shows of different types, from incredible landscapes to beautiful and tender scenes starring animals. But none of these wonders is as ubiquitous as the sky itself. We only have to look up at night to enjoy an impressive play of lights. The stars are more than just luminous points, however, and that is why many people love the idea of ​​learning more about them. The Galileo Galilei Planetarium (also known only as “the Planetarium”) located in the heart of Palermo, one of the most beautiful neighborhoods within the City of Buenos Aires, is the ideal place to do so. And not only that: it is also one of the most impressive buildings in the City, with a dome 20 meters in diameter. Undoubtedly a must for all tourists and an iconic point of our beautiful city.

Ayelén, in the photo, clearly knew it, and that is why he decided that his tour of Buenos Aires would not be complete until he visited the Planetarium. After a pleasant walk through the Palermo Woods (a huge and beautiful park with a lake included, ideal for taking beautiful artistic photos that merge civilization with nature, and located very close to the Planetarium), he was entitled to visit it. And the best of all? One of Spotgrapher’s professional photographers accompanied her throughout the tour and helped her capture every moment, with attention to detail and photographic quality that mark and define our work.

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